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Become ECO-friendly at the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair


Though seemingly harmless, the popular plastic straw in fact poses a huge threat to global waters, animals and people. It is one of the objects most frequently fished out of oceans today. The same is true of many plastic packaging products. The widely publicised “Tu pijesz bez słomki” [No Straws Served Here] campaign, as well as new EU standards on plastic production, have sparked a heated debate in the packaging and food industries, and galvanised consumers. Can we give up plastics? Perhaps we can replace them with eco-friendly solutions? Where can we find alternatives to popular non-ecological products? The best opportunity to find out will come during the 11th Packaging Innovations International Packaging Trade Fair, scheduled for 2-3 April at EXPO XXI in Warsaw. The EKOPACK zone will present eco-friendly packaging products and treat visitors to a series of lectures on new regulations and alternative solutions.

Bring a straw and decide

The plastic straw has recently turned into a symbol of changing consumer trends. After all, by simply refusing a straw in a fast-food chain, a restaurant, or at home and choosing an eco-friendly alternative instead, we can make a real change for the environment and for ourselves. The same is true of all plastic packaging. The largest global fast-food chains have also decided to address the issue. They have begun to pay attention not only to the food they serve, but also the way in which it is served. It is time we stopped wondering whether we should order extra French fries with our meal and instead asked ourselves whether we should get... a straw. Those who think they cannot do without them will be in for a surprise at the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair. Have you made up your mind to go without straws, but still have tons of them at home and do not know what to do? Bring your straws to the trade show and exchange them for an eco-friendly alternative or a special ecological shopping bag.

Green packaging

The ECOPACK zone at the Packaging Innovations Trade Show will present a variety of packaging products made from glass, cardboard, biodegradable plastic and other recyclable materials. Our exhibitors include companies such as ANL Plastics, CABKA, Coffee-Service, Coleman International, Drukarnia Nestorpack, DS Smith, Eurovetrocap, Fano, Jokey Plastik and Pont Packaging, which not only manufacture eco-friendly packaging, but also respect the environment throughout the production phase as part of a sustainable development strategy. 200 companies from all over Europe will introduce visitors to packaging products in 7 different themed zones. Alongside ECO alternatives, they will present a variety of LABELLING, LOGISPACK, CO-PACKAGING, SAFETYPACK, LUXPACK and PRINTING solutions.

Thirst for knowledge

A special workShops zone at the trade show will host a series of lectures devoted to a broad range of packaging issues, where some of the best-known and acclaimed industry representatives will come on stage to present the hottest current topics in the sector. Mondi's Robert Lis will discuss unboxing and packaging cost optimisation in the FMCG industry, while Robert Sieńko from the 3m Project will explain how to display products at the point of sale so as to highlight their packaging, illustrating his talk with a number of case studies based on POS data from Polish and European markets. ECOPACK themes will also be addressed. Andrzej Kornacki of FUTAMURA will deliver a lecture on biodegradable and compostable cellulose foils and NatureFlex products will serve as an example of successful circular economy solutions. Marta Krawczyk from Rekopol has prepared a special talk and workshop on packaging design that relies on recyclable and reusable materials. A series of talks entitled “Packaging Design, Refinement and Production” will be delivered by the members of PrintCity Allianz, who will share their knowledge with trade show visitors.

Are you interested in packaging and eco-friendly solutions? Come join us at the Packaging Innovations Trade Show on 2-3 April 2019 at EXPO XXI in Warsaw, Poland. Register online at www.packaginginnovations.pl and receive your free admission ticket!

Packaging Innovations


2-3 April 2019

EXPO XXI Warsaw,

ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14, Warsaw, Poland